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“Tackling major renovation and decorating is a daunting project…unless you know Bettina Archer. Her attention to detail is only one of her strengths. She will work to stay on your budget, and find creative and tasteful ways to lower your overall expenses. Bettina listens to your direction and input on style preferences and executes them at a level that is even higher than your fantasy. She will work with your construction contractors to insure that you are getting exactly what you requested and she does it in a way that creates a desire on their side to not disappoint you or her. In the stress filled arena that renovation and decorating create, Bettina Archer brings a cheerful, positive, can-do spirit, that makes you want to hire her again, and again.

“It was a joy to work with Bettina. Highly, highly recommended! My husband and I reached out to Bettina after struggling for weeks and weeks to figure out the layout of an awkward two storey fixer upper property. Bettina swooped in and basically saved our whole project. She was responsive, patient, communicated well and came up with some pretty amazing plans for our space. She also worked well with our contractor and his staff.
Krista K

“Bettina was an invaluable resource as we renovated our home. She was a great listener and very thoughtful of my family’s needs as she designed plans that suited our lifestyle. Bettina has a wonderful eye and is able to very quickly give you a visual of what a room could look like. I trust her completely! Her attention to detail is impressive; she ensures that the finished product is elegant, tasteful and beautifully done. She is a pleasure to work with, and is, hands down, one of the best interior designers I have ever met.”
Judy W

“I adore my house!  Bettina has helped me create the best version of my style and lifestyle into a place that feels completely like me.  The design plan we created gave me a confident direction to follow, with global resources that provided unique pieces that are still some of my favourite possessions to this day. I never want to leave this home, but if I do, Bettina is the interior designer I will trust to call.
Viktoria B

“Bettina has created a home for us like no one else’s. Her lovely personality made shopping trips and choosing everything we needed a joy. Our house would not be a home without her. My first conversation with Bettina was when my husband and I had just purchased our dream home and it wasn’t so dreamy. Bettina entered are home and created a warm and inviting place for us to raise our family and share with our friends. Her ability to see the final project early on, before anyone else could, was remarkable.
Jenna G

“Bettina is simply the best. Bettina worked with our family on two huge projects: A complete renovation of our home in Longmeadow, MA. and the construction of our townhouse in Vermont.  Bettina is so easy to get along with. She is an active listener, and incorporated our ideas into her work. She has the unique ability to see the big picture and then systematically design and plan all of the details around that theme.  She has incredible attention for detail and is a phenomenal designer and expert decorator. The total duration of our two residential projects spanned approximately 4 years. Bettina was an invaluable resource for us and helped create two amazing homes.
Seth G

“Bettina’s years of experience with design and project management are evident in her ability to work within a budget and negotiate excellent pricing. I have run manufacturing companies for many years, and recognize talent and outstanding service. Bettina Archer quickly assessed the concept I had been struggling with for over a year. Her designs and recommendations showed great creativity, as well as an understanding of my preferences and priorities.
Bob S

“Bettina’s perceptiveness, tact and striking talent for creating aesthetic harmony made a tremendous difference to the look and function of our entire home. It was only after Bettina completely re-worked our interior that I realised how unhappy I had been with my house before. She came in like a benevolent wizard, soothing and solving all of my dissatisfaction in every single room. Thank you Bettina! “
Felicity A

” I’ve had the privilege of working with Bettina on many client projects and have found her to be of the highest character and without a doubt the most talented designer I have ever met. Not only does she pull together the look of a home’s interior beautifully, but she also makes the budget work and facilitates the relationship between homeowner and builder. As a building contractor of custom homes for the last 35 years, I have had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented and creative people. I have surrounded myself with a team who are driven by their care in what they do and what they leave behind, providing fine workmanship and attention to detail. After witnessing Bettina’s magic with client’s residences, I commissioned her on the completion of my own home and found her beyond professional, beyond creative and in all cases she exceeded my expectations. She really listened and understood our needs (often without me even being able to articulate exactly what it was that I wanted) and showing us suggestions that were exactly right and/or better than I had imagined. I appreciate the results of her contribution on a daily basis as I live in my home. Bettina has proven herself as a talented designer, who is an expert in her field, and is fun to work with.
Kent P

“We thought we knew what we wanted going into the project but Bettina offered such great perspective and insight – it really opened our minds. My wife and I were at a stand still on the design for a home renovation. We contacted a few designers and decorators including Bettina. While the others’ ideas were very vanilla, Bettina captured everything we wanted and really understood the concepts we were going for. Our home turned out Spectacular! The layout of the renovation and the home furnishings Bettina chose were spot on.
Noah G

“I would highly recommend Bettina. She is brilliant and has so many terrific ideas about how to improve your home. If you need home decorating, home design or ideas about how to improve your house, she is fantastic. She is also patient, outgoing and a joy to work with. Trust me, you will love her
Brendon H

“Bettina’s talent for design and style is matched only by her insight, dedication, sensitivity and warmth. When we sought professional help for our home which lacked a consistent style, feel and sense of completion, it was Bettina’s skills I was immediately thankful for: a quick and sharp sense of what we liked, what looked good and what worked. But it was Bettina’s personality which ultimately made the work she completed for us so enjoyable.  It was perfect.
Andrew A

“… I’m really thankful for your expert help in realising the look and feel I was after for my home. You were a delight to work with. Rather than feeling pushed, I felt supported in building off from my vision and all that I had already created.  Some of the smallest changes you suggested made such a enormous difference and I was glad to have been able to use so many of my own pieces without having to buy new.
Grace K