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How we work

After talking by phone, we can either set up a complimentary 45 minute meeting to discuss the project further, or jump straight into a half-day or full-day consultation walking through the property, brainstorming initial ideas and building a vision for each area and the project as a whole. The initial consultation provides creative suggestions from which you can build from by yourself, or we can continue to explore opportunities and solutions further, deciding on the best course of action for your schedule and budget.

• Space Planning

Skillful spatial design is the cornerstone of our design process and helps every other element that follows to fall into place.  We help realise the potentials of the property both as a whole and as a collection of its individual parts. Predictive ‘devil’s advocate’ thinking addresses the practical and the aesthetic in unison at the planning stage.

• Cabinetry, Joinery & Furniture Design

After cabinet and joinery drawings are reviewed in 3D and specifications have been finalised, we can provide the skills of our trusted local cabinet | custom joinery makers to suit the needs of every type of project.

• Interior Finish Selections

The finishes palette builds on the character and vitality of the felt experience as well as the final look.  It is defined by the treatment of all walls, floors, ceilings, joinery, fixtures, hardware, and decorative details.

• Lighting

Good lighting is the key to creating a pleasurable ambience, so creating an optimal level of sensory comfort that can only be achieved when the quality of lighting is considered is an ideal that we care a great deal about. With so many opportunities available today with LED lighting, we can consider a more artistic and atmospheric approach to the traditional norms.

• Furnishing & Styling

Furnishing encompasses all personal effects from furniture, window treatments, rugs, artwork, and accessories. We take care in putting together choices that satisfy the needs for quality, comfort, the timeline available, all within the agreed upon budget. The success of our schemes lies in holding a clear overriding story for the property as a whole, while setting up dynamic relationships and points of interest in the pieces selected. Our professional styling provides attention to detail at the finish.