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The living environment we create for ourselves says so much about who we are and our lifestyle.

It’s a story reflected in how we use a building and the elements within it that portray our history and aspirations. Building on twenty years of experience from London, New York and its suburbs and in my new home Melbourne, I aim to create commercial and residential spaces that uniquely line up with your goals and goes beyond your design expectations/aspirations.

With the help of my small team, we offer a diverse list of services that are dynamic to complement your taste, lifestyle and budget. We offer a total concept ‘end to end’ design and decoration service to ensure the overall vision is reflective throughout the build, or an a la carte list of interior architecture, design and decoration service options to assist with any aspect of the project to take it to completion. Whether engaged with a new house build or a renovation, we work alongside the architect or builder of choice (or can suggest one) taking care of all the elements where their services leave off: interior space planning, finish selections, furnishings, artwork and styling.

We also offer a unique service to clients moving to/within Melbourne with our ‘Relocation Plan’.  After all the home-owners’ furniture and artwork has been unpacked, we professionally make suggestions for their arrangement throughout the home before sitting down with recommendations for added pieces to take the home to the next level.

An early career in London led me to an invitation to join an award-winning full service architectural firm, specializing in high-end custom residences as their Lead Interior Designer in the United States. After eleven years, I started Bettina Archer Design in 2009.

For the past decade, I had the privilege to come into my client’s homes and businesses and help them with projects to end-to-end design solutions. I’m proud of the client loyalty and reputation I’ve been able to build throughout my career and looking forward to work with you.