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Bettina works in a diversity of styles evident in her projects in the UK, America, and Australia over the last 20+ years. She was the lead Interior Designer for the award-winning architecture firm Mitchell Studio LLC in Connecticut, USA for 11 of those years, before successfully establishing her own successful practice before relocating to Melbourne, Australia in 2017.

The heart of her work is the understanding that the surroundings in which we live have a profound effect on wellbeing and health. Working collaboratively with builders and architects of your choice, her intention is to help clients embody their inner wishes and needs into their built environment – designing spaces that offer comfort and beauty to support and ease. Good relationships and a service attitude provide the foil within which the decisions and details of spaces, materials, and furnishings are made.

Bettina Archer Interior Design is based in Middle Park, Melbourne and specialises in end-to-end professional interior design services for new builds and renovation projects.